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Malco Leather Odour Eliminator

by Malco
SKU M124133

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The Malco Leather Odor Eliminating Fogger is formulated to neutralise odours rather than just mask them. The deep-reaching formula destroys odours quickly and effectively, penetrating all areas of your vehicles interior. This product can be used for quick neutralisation with a 10-15 second burst spray or it can be used as a total release fogger.

To use as a total release fogger; simply turn off the ignition and close all the doors and windows. Then place a newspaper, rag, or towel on the floor with no overhead obstruction (back seat floor). Remove the cap and snap the actuator in place to activate the fogger. Place it on the protected floor area and then evacuate the vehicle. Leave the vehicle undisturbed for 1-2 hours and then allow to ventilate by opening the doors for at least 30 minutes before using the vehicle.