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3M Fit Test Kits

by 3M

The 3M Fit Test Kit is the best solution to test staff to make sure they are fitted for the best mask for their face size and shape to ensure they are protected properly at work. The person to be tested places their chosen mask on their face and the fitting hood is placed over their head. The fit test solution - either sweet; FT10, or bitter; FT30 - is attached to the mask and atomised into the hood. If the wearer does not detect the taste agent, an acceptable fit has been achieved and that mask is suitable for the wearer.

3M offers two qualitative fit test kits: FT10 (sweet) and FT30 (bitter). FT10 uses a test solution of sodium saccharin that produces a sweet tasting aerosol and FT30 uses denatonium benzoate to produce a very bitter taste.

Up to 150 people can be tested from one kit.