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Anest Iwata LPH80 HVLP Spray Gun

SKU I13180747P

The LPH80 HVLP miniature centre post spray gun is ideal for large backgrounds, spot repair, blending, shading and touch-up. Spray patterns range from 1.6 inch round pattern to a full 5.5 inch fan pattern. Low operating air pressure and low 1.8 CFM allow the LPH80 to be run with small air compressor, perfect for mobile repair. Anest IWATA HVLP spray guns deliver a high volume of air using low pressure. This combination is known to reduce 'bounce back' of paint, resulting in more paint staying on the part being painted, and therefore less wasted paint. The result is a high quality finish and increased transfer efficiency. Supplied with 70ml or 250ml or both sized paint container(s).

Set up options: 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm.

Air consumption 2.1cfm.