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3M Dirt Trap Dispenser

by 3M
SKU M36862

The 3M Dirt Trap Dispenser is designed to store and dispense 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material. Designed with high strength magnets that secure dispenser on a vertical metal surface. Made from durable metal. The magnets allow you to move the dispenser to new locations.

3M directions for installing 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material on walls:

  • Install the first section closest to the floor and work your way up the wall
  • Attach the dispenser to the adjacent wall
  • Pull the fabric out to the length of the booth
  • Use the squeegee to attach the far end of the material at the corner
  • Work your way back to the dispenser aligning the material and attach to the wall
  • Cut the material at the dispenser
  • Squeegee the entire wall section to make sure it is attached completely
  • Re‐mount the dispenser at the level of the second section
  • Overlap the first section (1” or less)
  • Use the same method to finish installing 3 wall sections
  • After the third section is installed, cut out around the windows and light
  • Important – material should be replaced prior to 150 bake cycles for clean and easy removal