Morelli and SATA team up with Aeret UK to provide a Vehicle Sanitisation WHO Approved Protocol

As our industry faces such extraordinary times, we have had to rapidly adjust to new methods of working, including sanitisation and infection control for cars, buildings and people.

This system has been developed by Aeret UK and SATA UK in close collaboration with Morelli Group and has been certified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to kill 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria, including SARS & COVID-19.

Using Aeret Fresh Start SHIELD Sanitiser exclusive to Morelli Group, the system cuts sanitisation per vehicle down to 3 minutes per application and can be applied anywhere with a compressed air source and the correct SATA equipment. The car is ready to be driven after a further 5 mins standing time, so the vehicle is ready in approx 8 minutes.

Whilst it is not claimed that this system is the only effective solution to protect you, your staff and the customer, the research done by professionals in the field shows that in terms of the effectiveness of the sanitisation there is not another process that gives both the level of total decontamination with this speed of process. This will ensure vehicles do not have to remain in a limbo state whilst the decontamination takes place, causing costly delays.

The system is available to purchase through Morelli Group. Please contact your local branch or: to arrange a demonstration of the system.

Aeret Certification PDF