BBC East Midlands Today featured the Aeret UK sanitising product undergoing trial for use on the rail network. The advantage of the product is the speed of delivery and turnaround of the system allowing a carriage to be sanitised in around 30 minutes and put straight back into use whereas carriages can currently take up to a week to be put back into service.

The system uses a chemical from Aeret UK delivered onto the key touch points in the carriage and atomised covering the whole of the carriage using 100% pure filtered air through dedicated SATA airline and spraygun which is only used for this process to ensure there is no cross contamination.

This same product and process is being used by Morelli customers to sanitise customer vehicles to protect staff and customers against the spread of the COVID 19 virus. The system is available to purchase through Morelli Group.

Please contact your local branch or: to arrange a demonstration of the system.