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Workshop Products

  • £2.41

    Workshop Warehouse 10 Trimming Knife Blades [H/Duty Only]

    Workshop Warehouse

    Heavy duty trimming knife blades. Sold in pack of 10.

  • £0.89
  • £4.58

    Workshop Warehouse 4gp Alkaline AAA Batteries (1.5V, 24a)

    Workshop Warehouse

    High performance alkaline AAA batteries.  

  • £4.58

    Workshop Warehouse 4gp Alkaline AA Batteries (1.5V, 15a)

    Workshop Warehouse

    High performance alkaline AA battieries.  

  • £4.98

    SAS Universal Maintenance Lubricant (500ml)


    SAS Universal Maintenance Lubricant works to free seized parts. Quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts. Breaks down grease, dirt and grime. Inhibit...

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  • £31.73

    Indasa Low Tack Waterbase Cloths (Pack of 15)


    Indasa Low Tack Waterbase Cloths are a non-woven, lint free tack cloth perfect for use on waterborne basecoats. These low tack adhesive cloths leav...

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  • £88.12

    Swarfega Deb Duck Oil, Multi-Purpose Service Spray 5lt


    Deb Duck Oil, Multi-Purpose Service Spray displaces water, lubricates, prevents corrosion, electrical insulator and damp starter and light degrease...

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  • £46.57

    Morelli Group Toilet Paper, 40 Rolls 2-Ply, 320 Sheets

    Morelli Group

    40 rolls of luxury quilted, 2-ply toilet paper. Each roll has 320 sheets. Colour is soft white. Each individual pack contains 4 rolls.

  • £6.50

    Morelli Group Clinical Disinfectant Surface Wipes

    Morelli Group

    Large 200mm x 200mm antibacterial and viricidal wipe. Proven kill rate of 99.999% against all bacteria. Effective against viruses including Norovir...

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  • £73.22

    3M Manual Applicator Gun for 8120 Adhesive


    The 3M Manual Applicator Gun is intended for the application of adhesives in auto repair, designed for use with 1:1 50mL and 2:1 37.5mL cartridges....

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  • £39.16

    3M 6mm Scotch Acrylic Foam Tape (Pack of 2)


    The Scotch Acrylic Foam Tape has a high adhesive strength, this high density acrylic foam tapes with acrylic adhesive on both sides are ideally sui...

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  • £41.70

    Indasa Nozzle Flat Bead PKT12


    Pack of 12 flat bead nozzles.

  • £40.73

    Perfection Emblem Transfer Tape


    Pack 10 300x50mm strips Perfection Emblem Transfer Tape is designed to re-fix car emblems and badges to the paintwork on all sorts of vehicles. If ...

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  • £46.07

    Tersoson Teromix 6700 Hand Gun


    The Teroson Hand Gun is a dispensing tool used to process 2-component twin cartridges (2 x 25 ml) with a mixing ratio of 1:1. Easy handling and app...

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  • £12.85

    U-Pol Tiger Seal Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealant


    This one component, ready for use polyurethane sealant and adhesive will permanently seal and bond body panels and trim. Can be used to seal around...

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  • £8.92

    SAS Spray Adhesive (500ml)


    Aerosol spray glue, high Strength Bond, formulated for maintenance and repair. Suitable to all substrates and trim, including trim linings, upholst...

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  • £7.49

    Morelli Group Plastic Mixer Tips (x10)

    Morelli Group

    The plastic mixer tips are vital for the correct mixing of the urethane. These mixer tips with, a spiral insert, not only ensure that the product i...

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  • £109.38

    More Tools Paper Towel Dispenser

    More Tools

    This dispenser is for general purpose 400mm single cleaning rolls for centre feed dispensing. Can be mounted on any suitable surface. Ideal for whe...

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  • £24.35

    Perfection Water Based Tack Cloths (x50)


    Pack of 50 water based tack cloths, used for reducing the dust/dirt particles on your panel work prior to the application of base or clear coats, a...

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  • £60.31

    Hanzl Advanced Soy Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner


    Hanzl Advanced Soy Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is an environmentally friendly hand cleanser for very heavy soiling. Designed to remove oil, grease, ink...

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  • £11.58

    Perfection Insulation Tape 19mm (x10)


    10 rolls of black insulation tape. 19mm wide, 20m long per roll. Flame retardant.  

  • £15.77

    Slim's Detailing Edgeless Microfibre Cloth

    Slim's Detailing

    These edgeless extra soft microfibres are safe to use on all surfaces. The edgeless design significantly reduces risk of drag that some cloths can ...

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  • from £5.72

    SAS Low Viscosity Super Glue


    Low viscosity super glue, cure time 2-40 seconds depending on substrate and environment. Gap fill 0.10mm.

    from £5.72