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3M Sun Gun Colour Check Light Kit

by 3M
SKU M16550

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The 3M Sun Gun II Colour Matching Light is an essential tool for paint shops and professional detailers alike. Match paint colour chips, identify paint flaws, and check for full coverage of newly sprayed paint. Eliminate the guesswork from paint refinishing and get perfectly matched results when using the Sun Gun. This clever piece of kit, allows you to identify pre-paint defects such as pin holes, swirls and sand-scratches which are invisible in regular electric light. Verify colour matches using spray-outs or variants. Check for full paint coverage and post-paint imperfections before applying clear coat. The 3M Sun Gun II eliminates the need to take the car outside to view your work. It replicates the bright light inside so you can get a dependable colour match, regardless of weather or time of day.

The 3M PPS Colour Check Light is ideal for: Selecting the correct colour and colour variant. Checking colour match with spray out card. Checking coverage. Checking colour for accurate estimates. Checking surface finish prior to painting. Identifying post paint defects such as swirl marks, holograms and sanding marks. Quick and accurate colour matching decisions. Eliminates the need to move vehicles outside for assessing colour, Reduces the chance of re-work related to colour mismatch and lack of coverings, Reduces bottlenecks in the repair process and speeds up paint shop throughput. Reduces material and labour costs. Improves customer satisfaction: right first time and on time.