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Baileys Fibreglass Fast Resin with Hardener (1kg)

SKU BA-003

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Baileys Fibreglass Fast Resin with Hardener is a polyester laminating resin GRP with BPO hardener. The most commonly used resin to repair or work with any fibreglass construction application. Ideal for cars, caravans, boats, canoes, surf boards, and so on.

Comes with BPO hardener, approximately 10g of hardener will activate 250ml of resin, which is enough to apply a 4sq ft of 300g fibreglass mat. This is a general purpose laminating resin, thixotropic & pre-accelerated.

Mixing ratio is normally 2% but can be increased to 4% in cold conditions.

Baileys are a UK manufacturer of resin and fibreglass products.