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Fine Scratch Fill

  • £9.02

    Smart Express 20gms Acculyte Flexi Gel Clear Tube

    Smart Express

    Smart Express 20gms tube of fast drying filler for various smart repair applications, can be used on alloy wheels, panel repair and some hard plast...

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  • £6.73

    Smart Express 200ml Aerosol Activator for Acculyte Flexi Gels

    Smart Express

    200ml Smart Express aerosol activator for the fast curing of all acculyte flexi gels, clear and black. Acculyte gels are often referred to as AC gels.

  • £10.60

    Smart Express 50gms Acculyte Gel Bottle Black

    Smart Express

    Smart Express 50gms bottle of black AC gel is a flexible version of the AC gel that cures in under 30 seconds. It is perfect for small plastic repa...

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  • £17.88

    Smart Express 30gms Acculyte Gel Clear Syringe

    Morelli Group

    Smart Express 30gms AC Gel is a fast drying rigid surface filler for most rigid applications. This product is an alternative to the usual container...

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  • £30.12

    Q Bond Ultra Strong Adhesive and Filling Kit

    Q Bond

    This unique product Q Bond is one of the finest products for repairing various types of breaks, cracks and other damages to a wide range of items. ...

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  • £22.75

    Evercoat Metal Glaze Ultra (880ml)


    Evercoat Metal Glaze Ultra is designed for light filling and repair of damaged panels up to 3mm in depth. Can be applied directly to sanded OEM cle...

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